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How to install ringtones

For Android: Download the MP3 via context menu and choose the ringtone from your downloaded files.

For iPhone: Download the ringtone on your computer, import it into iTunes and synchronize your iPhone. You can then choose it in the settings.

  • Sometimes you gotta wait long, till something fresh, incomparable and truly special reaches your ears and your heart.
    Collectif Tricolette just did!

    — Thomas Grube - Regisseur (RHTHM IS IT / TRIP TO ASIA) —
  • Beautiful voice and moving sounds. I cannot decide which song I like best!

    — Regina G. —

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and in local record stores

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Bela Brauckmann & Gunter Papperitz

Colette Serreau

I get drunk of happiness
until I cry

— Silversea, Collectif Tricolette —


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